Nairaplay Members Payment proof (Check here)


Nairaplay-Payout-alert don land

Nairaplay is a make money online website for news and entertainment Lovers.

Members of Nairaplay online community earn money online for contributing to the growth of the community by performing simple activities such as inviting friends to join the online community, sharing posts, posting comments and more…

Paid Activities on Nairaplay

The paid activities on Nairaplay for registered members include:

  1. 1000 Naira for inviting a friend
  2. 100 Naira for referrals from your invited friends
  3. Upto 100 Naira for posting comments
  4. 20 Naira for daily login bonus
  5. And some other tokens for performing social tasks such as watching videos, downloading apps, website and app registrations and more.

Members of Nairaplay Community earn upto 1k, 10k, 20k and more daily by taking advantage of the Nairaplay Affiliate Program.

Are you a member of the Nairaplay Affiliate Program who is already making money online by taking advantage of their make money online opportunities?

If your alert don land, please share your payment proofs, screenshots, and short videos via the comment section of this post let’s celebrate with you and encourage more people to join us.

DISCLAIMER: Nairaplay will never disclose or publish members earning to the public. By Publishing your credit alert here, you agree that Nairaplay and its support team can use it for promotional purpose.


  1. Nairaplay has blessed my Sunday with 3k credit alert.
    Thanks at Nairaplay. All those people that were saying that it is a scam are now telling me to register them.

    Should I do it or not 😏

  2. Finally my alart don enter,for some of you that think is a scam,my alart arrived this morning..
    Thank you ,,Nairaplay is real oooh


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